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Creator of Verdadism, Puerto Rican artist, Latina feminist painter, Soraida Martinez is a fine artist and designer who is known Since 1992 as the creator of the artstyle Verdadism- Empowerment with Truth in Life and Art.

Speaking to the Labeled kids 1995

Speaking to The Labeled Kids 1995
Please Stop Calling Us Minorities
Please Stop Calling Us Minorities! We All Know That's Unfair Label With Negative Connotations 1994
Racism and art
What Prejudice Looks like 1993
Puerto Rican Stereotype: By Puerto Rican Artist Soraida Martinez

Puerto Rican Stereotype: The Way You See Me Without Looking At Me 1992

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Artist/Designer Soraida: The Creator of Verdadism artstyle

10 Of The Best Latino Artists In The U.S. Huffington Post in 2013

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Women's History Month at the Women's Rights National Historical Park, Soraida's Exhibition. March 1 to March 24, 2017


A 1994 PBS show on my Verdadism art . Two year after creating the Verdadism movement.



Verdadism. The Many Faces of Stereotypes Exhibition in 2009 at the Art Verdadism Gallery

Verdadism Fine Art Prints for Sale

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Latinos Have Power and Most of Us Don't Know it...A 1996 painting.Immigration Latinos

A 2001 Verdadism Painting on VIEQUES. Puerto Rico

Verdadism Sculpture on The Importance of An Education and Tolerance. For more information, please click on the sculpture.

education and tolerance sculpture

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Verdadism paintings are always accompanied by a written social commentary based on Soraida's personal life experiences and observations on American society. Paintings on racism, sexism, identity and self empowerment with truth. Verdadism was created 25 years ago to raise awareness on social issues. Soraida envisioned what is happening today in America, 2018.


”Verdadism means to empower yourself with your own truth and to go for it." 

The primary purpose behind the paintings of Verdadism is to precipitate social change, to promote an understanding of humanity and to teach tolerance and the self-empowerment of the individual. In Verdadism, the intent of the artist is to make a personal connection with the viewer through the act of involving the viewer in an actual experience in the artist's life. The viewer is encouraged to acknowledge the universality of human nature and the artist invites the viewer to open their mind to the concept that we are all human beings with shared common experiences.

Verdadism was created in 1992, an art form of paintings/statements on the truth in America. A socially conscious art style. Soraida is a fine artist and a designer who is known as the creator of Verdadism. This painting genre is a form of hard-edge abstraction and consists of two distinct, yet integral parts: the visual component and the written commentary. Soraida created the word Verdadism by combining the Spanish word for truth (Verdad) and the English suffix for theory (ism). This art style, which was created in 1992, has influenced the work of many contemporary artists and writers; it is also being used by educators nationwide to teach diversity and tolerance. since 1986 has been in business as the owner of an art and design studio. Soraida studied art at Rowan University, where she graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in design; she also hads a Liberal Arts degree focusing on psychology. In Verdadism, every painting is always accompanied by a written social issue based on Soraida's personal life experiences and observations on American society. Because it directly confronted social issues at a time when it was not fashionable, Verdadism has been called the first socially conscious art style of the 21st century. Soraida has gained recognition and received many awards for this unique thought-provoking and visually stimulating art style, which addresses issues of sexism, racism and stereotyping for the precise purpose of promoting tolerance and a deeper understanding of the human soul. In 1999, Soraida wrote a book on the Art of Verdadism. The Verdadism art style has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, as well as on radio and television; many of the Verdadism paintings have been used as covers for books and scholarly journals. In 1996, Soraida was appointed by the governor to a seat on the New Jersey State Council On The Arts. Through her art, Soraida is an advocate and humanitarian who visits young children in schools in order to encourage and inspire them to strive to achieve their fullest potential. Soraida is frequently asked to do exhibitions on her Verdadism art and philosophy at universities, institutions and corporations.

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© 1999... Soraida's Verdadism: The Intellectual Voice of a Puerto Rican Woman Artist on Canvas

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  A book on the Art Of Verdadism

Below is a list of some of the paintings in the Verdadism book.

  • Piano Man: The Survival Of Hope...©1993
  • The Woman Artist: From an Invisible History to an Invisible Presence, Which Keeps Us in an Invisible Existence...®1995
  • The Terror of Demasking Oneself...®1995
  • Guitar Player: A Symbol Of Hope...©1993
  • Feeling Inner Peace...©1994
  • Little Girl From Harlem...©1995
  • One Day I Found A Lump In My Breast...©1994
  • The Terror Of Demasking Oneself...©1995
  • Woman On A String...©1992
  • Between Two Islands...©1996
  • What Prejudice Looks Like...©1993
  • The Weeping Puerto Rican Cuatro Player...©1996
  • The Traits Of Both...©1993
  • Speaking To The Labeled Kids...©1995
  • Interracial Family: The Way Society Sees It...©1992
  • Please Stop Calling Us Minorities: We All Know That's An Unfair label With Negative Connotations...©1994
  • Rage: It's My Body...©1992
  • Las Three Puerto Rican Hermanas...©1994
  • Puerto Rican Stereotype: The Way You See Me Without Looking At Me ...©1992
  • La Latina...©1994
  • Self-Effacing Woman...©1995
  • Labeling is Social Lynching...©1994
  • Woman On a String...1992
  • The Battle of The Rice and Beans...©1997
  • La Latina...©1995
  • Please Don't Be Prejudice in My Presence...®1993
  • Creativity...®1996
  • The American Beauty Box...®1996