Hard-Edge Paintings with Written Social Commenteries by the Creator of Verdadism. Artist, Soraida Fine Art Book

Soraida's Verdadism: The Intellectual Voice of a Puerto Rican Woman Artist on Canvas

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Verdadism Art Book

 This art book is a historically-significant perspective from the creator of Verdadism, Soraida Martinez...the New York-Born Puerto Rican artist who is known for her unique painting style, which juxtaposes figurative hard-edge abstraction with social statements. These bold and powerful paintings are accompanied by thought-provoking commentaries, which are written by Soraida and are based on Soraida's personal life experiences. As Soraida says, "This is a long overdue perspective of what has always been a silent voice in America, the Puerto Rican woman. This art comes from my struggle against society's shackles." The art of Soraida seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the human soul, as well as tolerance for all human beings. This Verdadism art evolved from Soraida's humanistic philosophy, which aims to create an awareness of racism, sexism and stereotypes, while documenting life in American society during the end of the twentieth century. Studio Number 1-856-346-3131

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Your support empowers the artist to continue making a difference through painting her Verdadism message of tolerance and understanding for all human beings.Soraida had been commited to doing this since 1992