Verdadism Museum Quality Fine Art Prints...

Printed with archival inks on elegant fine art acid-free watercolor paper that will last for many generations without fading. Personally signed by the creator of the Verdadism Art Style...Soraida. The Verdadism fine art prints are collectable and make a statement about our current life in America. Your support also empowers the artist to continue making a difference through painting her Verdadism message of tolerance and understanding for all human beings.

Collect Socially Conscious Art Today.

The Verdadism art style was created in 1992 to promote social change.

$150.00 per print; every print signed by Soraida

The paper size is 13" by 19".


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Verdadism Art Book $59.95 Discounted to $39.00 plus Free Shipping in The USA

  A book on the art od Verdadism
  Used by educators and college students to teach tolerance and diversity; also, to promote social change among peers and students.

®1996 Portrait of Carl Sprengle

.No. 010

®1993 Mixed Feelings

.No. 011

®1994 Feeling Inner Peace

.No. 012

®1994 Hearing The Whisper of My Soul

.No. 013


®1993 What Prejudice Looks Like

.No. 014

®1994 Labeling is Social Lynching

.No. 015

®1992 Rage: It's My Body

.No. 016

®1994 Please Stop Calling Us Minorities! We All Know That's an Unfair Label With Negative Connotations

.No. 017



®1992 Woman On a String

.No. 018

®1995 Feeling Like a Cockroach

.No. 019

1994 Feeling The Espanola, Africana and Taina in Me

.No. 020

®1995 PMS Blues

.No. 021

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