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A must see art exhibition for individuals interested in becoming socially conscious on the problem of intolerance in American society: Tolerance in America, A Retrospective of Paintings by Soraida, Creator of Verdadism - Truth and Art.


My Verdadism paintings are about a deeper understanding of the human soul, tolerance and to promote respect for all human beings. All Verdadism paintings are juxtaposed with social commentaries,which are all based on my life experiences (Click on the titles to view the paintings) * Please note the year each painting is rendered by the artist.

Women's History Month at the Women's Rights National Historical Park Museum, Soraida's Exhibition from March 1 to March 24, 2017

1994 PBS Show On Verdadism Art.



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 piano man Piano Man: The Survival Of Hope...©1993    Guitar Player: A Symbol Of Hope...©1993
 feeling inner peace Feeling Inner Peace...©1994  ¬†Little Girl From Harlem.  Little Girl From Harlem...©1995
 one day i found a lumo on my breast One Day I Found A Lump In My Breast...©1994    The Terror Of Demasking Oneself...©1995
 women on a string Woman On A String...©1992    Between Two Islands...©1996
 What Prejudice Looks Like What Prejudice Looks Like...©1993    The Weeping Puerto Rican Cuatro Player...©1996
 The Traits Of Both The Traits Of Both...©1993    Speaking To The Labeled Kids...©1995
 Interracial Family: The Way Society Sees It.. Interracial Family: The Way Society Sees It...©1992    Please Stop Calling Us Minorities: We All Know That's An Unfair label With Negative Connotations...©1994
 Rage: It's My Body.. Rage: It's My Body...©1992    Las Three Puerto Rican Hermanas...©1994
 Puerto Rican Stereotype: The Way You See Me Without Looking At M Puerto Rican Stereotype: The Way You See Me Without Looking At Me ...©1992    La Latina...©1994
 Self-Effacing Woman. Self-Effacing Woman...©1995 vieques.htm VIEQUES: Hello...Hello USA...Are you there?.. ©2001

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Artist, Soraida

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