Little Girl From Harlem

"As a little girl living in Harlem, I always knew that Harlem was some kind of exile; what I didn't know was why I had to be there. There were happy times as well as sad times but, in order to escape, I would always daydream. I daydreamed of a backyard, of growing up and going to art school, and of moving away. As an adult I was always embarrassed to say that I was born in Harlem and that I had lived there until I turned fourteen because people were quick to judge me. Most people assume that I grew up middle class and came from a middle class neighborhood. Little do they know that there are lots of people from Harlem that are just like me."

Soraida Martinez

© Copyright 1995

Acrylics on Canvas, 36"x 48", 1995 Original painting still available for more information please call the artist's studio at 1-856-346-3131