virques puerto rico


VIEQUES: Hello...Hello USA...Are you there?

It is appalling to me that bomb testing continues in Vieques. What type of a message is the US government sending to the Puerto Rican people...that we are not valued as human beings. All people should get involved in this matter; it is not just a Puerto Rican issue; it is a human rights issue. Puerto Ricans in the United States: let's wake up...we need to take is very insulting to me and it should be to you. We need to voice our opinion on this matter. Human rights organizations: where are you? Environmentalists: is this any concern to you? This is happening right now.

Soraida Martinez

© Copyright 2001

Acrylics on Canvas, 36"x 48", 2001 Original painting not available for more information please call the artist's studio at 1-856-346-3131